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Coaches announced, new training method, and tryout registration

By NNJ Staff, 10/17/18, 11:30AM PDT


Register for tryouts before Oct. 26 to get early-registration price

Register Online tryout registration is now open. If you have questions about the 2018-2019 club season, give us a call at 775-355-8600 or shoot us an email. Sign up early---the early-bird price is good through Oct. 26, afterwards the price goes up to $60.

More information about schedules, team types, and cost ranges is available at 

New Teaching "Pod" Structure

Every year we as a staff are constantly reevaluating our systems and processes to make sure that we're bringing the best instruction and coaching to your kids. Every year there are things we think we did well and things we know we can improve. Simply put, every year we learn a ton.

This upcoming season is our 10th year (!), and as we've gotten bigger, we continue to strive to be the best. We've been meeting weekly this fall to review everything about the club: our technical instruction, our tourney structure, our communication with parents, our coach training, our nutrition and recovery, our strength and conditioning-literally everything. In response to those meetings, we will be implementing some changes this season.

The primary change is going to come in the form of technical direction. Nate Hallett, Technical Director at NNJ, will remain in his role in overseeing the whys and hows of what we're teaching across the board. What's different, though, is we're not leaving him on an island to do that solo anymore with 30+ teams. 

We've implemented an age-group specific technical staff to help Nate monitor all of our teams with more consistency and specificity. We're excited to spread some of this responsibility so we can zero in better on each team. This will benefit the players a ton, and will act as a better coach-training tool, through which coaches will feel even more supported by our core staff.  

17/18U Technical Staff 

Nate Hallett, Jason Sterrett, Nate Byrne

15/16U Technical Staff
Ray Batalon, Craig Choate, Bryan Borup, Nate Hallett, Jason Sterrett

11-14U Technical Staff
Alix Cirac-Sterrett, Kuna Nakagawa, Amy Morris Nate Byrne, Sam Fowler

For you parents and players, this means more oversight, more coaches at practice, and more feedback. In short, it's more people involved with the growth and development of our players and coaches!

 2019 Coaching Staff

We are thrilled about our coaching staff for the 2019 season. We continue to add awesome coaches who bring energy and experience to the group, and they're excited to work with our players this upcoming season! See below for information on who will be coaching our travel teams this season. We will release additional information as it comes available. Because of conflicting tourney schedules, these are always subject to change---thanks for your understanding!

18 Travel---Nate Hallett w/Ray Batalon
18 Travel---Amy Morris w/Justin Malley
18 Travel---Marie Foster w/Joel Pederson

17 Travel---Jason Sterrett w/Alix Cirac-Sterrett
17 Travel---Nate Byrne w/Katy Upton

16 Travel---Kuna Nakagawa w/Amanda Sbragia
16 Travel---Bryan Borup w/ Sofia Anxo

15 Travel---Nate Hallett w/Craig Choate 

14 Power---Amy Morris w/Bryan Borup

13 Power---Alix Cirac-Sterrett and Ray Batalon w/Kate Castro

12 Power---Nate Byrne w/Karli Rodriguez

11 Premier---Kuna Nakagawa w/Sam Fowler

We are committed this season, more than ever, to putting experienced coaches across all different ages and levels. As we have more information we will be sure to get it out to you! Again, we have never been more excited about our staff! Please visit our staff page for new and developing information!